The Warrior Spirit

The Fundamental State of Practicing the Pilates Method Holistically

As far as I can see, there is no scarcity of solutions but a scarcity of warriors or, in other words, of people who possess the warrior spirit. How do I define warrior? Warriors are those who can mentally, physically and emotionally place themselves in a position of awareness to know, do what needs to be done, have the will to do, and the perseverance to never give up no matter what until the work is done.

There are enough methods and solutions for most of our problems but not enough people with a “warrior spirit” to implement these solutions. So, what does it take?

Having a warrior spirit means to

  • have the ability and capacity to constantly and continuously move forward regardless of the challenges you face.
  • never give up even when you have to give in.
  • be who you say you are all the time, regardless of the battle you have to fight.
  • to fight consciously, justly, correctly and coherently.

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It is not about doing things right but about being conscious of what you are doing.
It is not about doing something good but about doing your best.

It is not about forcing it to work but about allowing the idea and principle to take you deeper into whatever it is that you are doing.

The Story of the Mouse and the Cheese

When the hungry mouse sees the cheese in the trap, it doesn’t think, ”Well, I’ll give up, it is too difficult to get the cheese out of the trap.” The mouse has to eat. So, the important thing is the cheese, not the trap; and because of this fact, the mouse will try to find a way to eat that piece of cheese without getting caught in the trap. Perhaps, some mice get caught but in the end, more mice find the way to eat that piece of cheese than getting killed.

My point is that once you make something a necessity, afterwards it will become easy to find the possibility of getting what you want. When you have no idea though, the difficulty of the situation will become the main point of interest, and sooner or later you will give up.

Give in but never give up because if you give up you will be placing yourself in an unfavourable position to the laws of gravity. Afca Dawa

Try it & Fly with it!