Relaxation Music for Vegetative, Fascial and Muscular Release

Cava Wave Sounds© are sounds destined for the mind via the neural pathways (vagal system) of the body, which means that they are perceived and processed not via our brain but via our body - our meridian points, fascia and muscular cells. Cava Wave Sounds therefore affect the perceptibility and quality of the muscle’s cells in the production of movement patterns without the muscles being controlled by the reactive mind.

What can Cava Wave Sounds do for Bodyhood Pilates
or other physical training systems such as yoga?

The Cava Wave Sounds facilitate muscular and fascial release. At the beginning of your physical training they can be used to reduce physical and mental anxiety. At the end of your training the Cava Wave Sounds can be used to facilitate a sense of calmness, acceptance and satisfaction in your body, mind and spirit.

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Why is Cava Wave directed to our mind
and not to our body?

Our body does not need sounds, because our body itself is a musical instrument. It can feel, sense and vibrate. The brain, however, is a thinking instrument. It thinks and thinks and thinks. That is why it needs something to calm it down and reduce that chatter. If, namely, the sounds were to be directed to the body via the contents of the mind, our mind would create fantastic stories and theories about what the music is supposed to be, and the sounds would not have the desired effect on our muscles and cells; because the contents of our mind - anxiety, stress, desires and fear – would inhibit relaxation. Therefore, the sounds of Cava Wave are specifically constructed to influence that chatter of our minds via the neural pathways (vagal system) of our body in order to facilitate a release of vegetative, fascial and muscular tensions.